36 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
fshee e639a2f351 Increase line-height. 2 weeks ago
fshee a6f402b6fc Modify CSS, center contents. 2 weeks ago
fshee a37ea9aa82 Fix ` on pre code/code tags. 2 weeks ago
fshee e2881af539 Add danger func for dangerous HTML inserting. 2 weeks ago
fshee 54d5f73493 Add back prev/next link feat. 2 weeks ago
fshee a27ee06aba Fix(*): Module-ize. 2 weeks ago
fshee 105cf680f6 Fix(main.rkt, makefile): Cleanup. 2 weeks ago
fshee 10f25b9ba6 Feat(*): Racket rewrite. 3 weeks ago
fshee 7f65031315 go1.17 update, move posts h2 to .html. 1 month ago
fshee 7041039537 Add prefetch and cacher for wp downtime mitigation. 2 months ago
fshee af0944cc2a Fix(*): Slight changes, on new host, css/html tweaks. 3 months ago
fshee e99d87558c Feat(content.html): 1rem font-size. 4 months ago
fshee 499a42bcdd Fix(content.html): Next/prev styling. 5 months ago
fshee 39c02a80c8 Feat(content.html): Add backtick to <code/>. 5 months ago
fshee 88bc06e477 Feat(*): Add next/prev posts. 5 months ago
fshee 33ea115acc Feat(content.html, searchcontroller.go): Removing more CSS. 5 months ago
fshee 35b393606e Fix(content.html): Fix monospace font class. 5 months ago
fshee c45100a094 Feat(content.html): Styling tweaks. 5 months ago
fshee a626916102 Feat(content.html): Modifying dividers. 5 months ago
fshee 71c851693a Fix(content.html): Mobile padding. 5 months ago
fshee a78e02b6f0 Feat(content.html): Remove CSS. 5 months ago
fshee fab839d216 Fix(contentcontroller.go): Redirct home content to home page. 5 months ago
fshee fac1ef0926 Fix(dataservice.go): Edge case, taxans == "categories" 5 months ago
fshee 614fd3280c Fix(*): Refactor cat id string usage to uint. 5 months ago
fshee 8810ba81b3 Fix(search): Add action to search form. 5 months ago
fshee 67fa30da13 Feat(search): Adding search feature. 5 months ago
fshee f5eb2b7a35 Fix(dataservice.go): JAN->Jan, all dates reporting month of Jan. 5 months ago
fshee 2872e2b9a5 Feat(content.html): Adding Matomo script. 5 months ago
fshee baad299b70 Fix(*): Tag->subject refactor. 6 months ago
fshee c7a1d7268a Feat(content.html): Mobile header styling. Post list styling. 6 months ago
fshee 69280e3d27 Feat(*): Add wp tax support. 6 months ago
fshee 321642ad1a Fix(*): Refactor, moving files. renaming files. 6 months ago
fshee 011efa69c6 Feat(views.go): Refactor views. 6 months ago
fshee 797ff57273 Feat(content.go, content.html, main.css): Refactor css, content 6 months ago
fshee 19383664c8 Feat(content.html): SEO HTML fix. 6 months ago
fshee f5ff242b5e Feat(*): Project init. 6 months ago